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Dr Ling Wen 

Dr Norman N. Li

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About the journal

The Clean Energy Journal aims to report the latest research developments and share knowledge on topics related to clean energy technologies. Clean Energy is an international, peer-reviewed and open access journal.

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Featured Articles

A review of Danish integrated multi-energy system flexibility options for high wind power penetration

This paper reviews the current status of wind power and the energy infrastructure in Denmark, outlining the reasons why Denmark is a world leader in wind power. The Danish government is aiming to achieve 100% renewable energy generation by 2050, but a major challenge to this is the balancing load and generation. Additionally, the article also explores the current and future solutions of enhancing wind power penetration through optimal use of cross-energy sector flexibility (so-called indirect electric energy storage options).

Physics-based data analysis for wind turbine condition monitoring

This article presents methodologies for improving wind turbine condition monitoring using physics-based data analysis techniques. The article describes the unique operating conditions of the wind turbine drivetrain, as well as the complex kinematics of the gearbox. The pros and cons of the current wind turbine condition monitoring system (CMS) are evaluated and conclusions for how to improve wind turbine CMS capability are put forward.

Progress of circulating fluidized bed combustion technology in China: a review

Circulating fluidized bed (CFB) technology plays an important role in the utilization of low-grade coal in China. This article reviews CFB combustion technology development in China and summarizes recent achievements. China is the largest supplier and customer of CFB boilers in the world due to the widespread use of CFB boilers, and since 1990 Chinese engineers and researchers have been undertaking work to improve CFB boiler technology developing a completely novel CFB boiler design theory which is used in the domestic manufacturing of CFB boilers with various capacities.

Experimental study on dense-phase pneumatic conveying of coal powder at high pressures

This study considers the importance of Entrained-flow coal gasification technology in the clean and efficient conversion of coal, which is of great significance to China’s energy sustainable development. The article explores the characteristics and stability of high-pressure dense-phase pneumatic conveying of pulverized coal that are crucial to the safe and stable operation of dry-feed entrained-flow coal gasifiers, and considers the effects of operating parameters on conveying stability.

A concept to support the transformation from a linear to circular carbon economy: net zero emissions, resource efficiency and conservation through a coupling of the energy, chemical and waste management sectors

Coal and carbon-containing waste are valuable primary and secondary carbon carriers. This article presents a concept to support the transformation from a linear ‘one-way cradle to grave manufacturing model’ toward a circular carbon economy. Such developments focused on new and sustainable value chains through the utilization of coal and waste as alternative raw materials for the chemical industry via a coupling of the energy, chemical and waste management sectors offers a viable and future-oriented perspective for closing the carbon cycle.

Preparation of large, ultra-flexible and free-standing nanomembranes of metal oxide–polymer composite and their gas permeation properties

In this article, the fabrication of free-standing nanomembranes of metal oxide (MOx) and polymers by simple spin-coating method are discussed. As part of the investigation, double-layer nanomembranes containing MOx and epoxy resin of polyethyleneimine and poly[(o-cresyl glycidyl ether)-co-formaldehyde] were prepared. Free-standing nanomembranes were successfully prepared, but defects formed in the metal oxide nanolayer during sharp bending of the nanomembrane.

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Clean Energy is managed by a team of international scientists, led by Dr Ling Wen and Dr Norman N. Li.

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